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 Shampoo for Itch Relief (Dogs & Cats)


Reduce Itch from the very FIRST Bath! Gentle enough for regular use.


Created with the Bio-energized herbs and plant extracts, this shampoo is designed to 


  • Hydrate & nourish your dogs dry skin

  • Break the constant Itching Cycles without harmful chemicals or medicated ingredients

  • Restore your Skin pH

  • Protect the skin barrier that is damaged from constant itching

  • Natural anti-flea and tick shampoo


Our products are crafted keeping your pooch and the environment in mind. Our Never Any promise:


  • No SLS & Paraben

  • No Chemicals

  • No Artificial fragrance 

  • No Animal Ingredients



Step 1: Comb out the fur.

Step 2: Use a desired quantity of shampoo and dilute it with a little water for better application.

Step 3: Massage in gently, keep for 2-5 minutes and rinse off.

The shampoo is designed to leave a layer of energized herbal oil on the skin which is absorbed within 24 hours to protect your pups skin and leave them hydrated!



Nourish Shampoo