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Our Story

This life-changing experience ignited a passion within us to share the power of Ayurveda and a plant-based lifestyle with other pet parents. And so, Curry n Pepper was born.

Our purpose is clear, to provide wellness coaching to pet parents, guiding them on a journey towards optimal health and vitality for their furry companions.  Guided by our unwavering motto, "Prevention is better than cure," we firmly believe that by prioritizing preventive measures, we can safeguard their well-being, ensuring a lifetime of vitality and happiness. We are driven by the belief that every pet deserves to thrive on a plant-based diet, inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

As we look to the future, our aspiration is to create a world where pets and their parents embrace a harmonious, compassionate, and sustainable way of living. Together, let's embark on this transformative adventure, one filled with love, well-being, and the joy of seeing our pets thrive!

Our Mission

At Curry n Pepper, our mission is to empower pet parents with the knowledge and tools to nourish their pets through a plant-based lifestyle rooted in Ayurveda. We are committed to providing exceptional wellness coaching, personalized guidance, and reliable resources to support pet parents in making informed choices for their furry companions. By promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, we strive to enhance the overall well-being of pets, while also promoting sustainability and compassion towards animals. Through our unwavering dedication, we aim to create a healthier, happier, and more harmonious world for pets and their parents!

Our Goal

At Curry n Pepper, our goal is to revolutionize the way pet parents approach their pets' well-being by promoting and facilitating a plant-based lifestyle inspired by Ayurveda. We aim to be the go-to destination for pet wellness coaching, offering comprehensive guidance, resources, and support to help pets thrive on a plant-based diet. Our overarching purpose is to create a positive impact on the health and happiness of pets, while also fostering a more sustainable and compassionate world. Through continuous innovation, education, and collaboration, we strive to empower pet parents to make informed choices that lead to vibrant, balanced lives for their beloved companions. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards holistic pet wellness and a brighter future for all!

Our Value

At Curry n Pepper, our values are rooted in compassion, sustainability, and holistic well-being. We are committed to:

  • Compassion: We deeply care for the welfare of all animals and strive to promote their health and happiness through a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Sustainability: We believe in the power of sustainable practices to protect our planet and its resources, and we actively promote eco-friendly choices in pet care.

  • Community: Inspired by our beloved Indie rescue, Pepper, we are dedicated to giving back to the community, fostering a sense of unity and support among pet parents.

  • Holistic Well-being: We embrace the principles of Ayurveda to nurture the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of pets, fostering a balanced and thriving life.

  • Education: We are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information, empowering pet parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions for their pets' health.

  • Collaboration: We foster a community of like-minded individuals, encouraging collaboration and shared learning to create a positive impact on the lives of pets and their parents.


Through these values, we aspire to be a trusted partner in the journey towards optimal pet wellness, inspiring pet parents to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and create a harmonious bond with their furry companions. Together, let's pave the way for a healthier, more compassionate world for all beings.

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