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Understanding KAPHA Dosha

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Earth and Water combine to form Kapha. Kapha governs structure, form and stability.

KAPHA Personality

Kapha dogs are possessive, even-tempered, reliable and love to eat!


Calm, grounded, nurturing and loving


Kapha dogs are physically strong but tend to be overweight. They have large, soft eyes, thick shiny skin and coat.

The main location of KAPHA in the body are head, throat, chest, lungs, lymph, tissues, tendons and ligaments. Kapha is responsible for providing moisture, lubricating joints, maintaining healthy tissues and providing structure and stability to the body.

KAPHA In Balance

Balanced Kapha helps offset the imbalances due to Vata and Pitta. Balanced Kapha dogs are calm, loving and patient companions.

KAPHA Out of Balance

The calm and patient dog can transform into a lazy dog, when Kapha is out of balance. Kapha imbalances can lead to possessiveness, depression and greed. Physically it leads to weight gain.


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