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Feeding Strays

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Curry n Pepper was a venture that was started by the journey of our rescues Curry and Brownie and a Indie stray named Pepper. I am sure Pepper would be happy if we can support strays like her. So today’s post is dedicated to many dogs like Pepper who depend on good samaritans to feed them a meal. When you shop at Curry n Pepper you help us support feeding of plant based diets to strays, rescues at Animal Rahaat Dehradun, and local feeders like @susheelayazhini.

Often I’ve observed many kind souls feeding human biscuits and food to strays, while their intention is noble, the food isn’t. Human cookies and biscuits contain a lot of sugar and salt which is not good for the doggo’s health. Some choose to feed restaurant left overs, while it good use of the left over food, it is not good food for the streeties, as it may contain onions, night shades, hot spices etc which can be toxic to dogs.

What are the alternatives to feeding human biscuits?

Some alternatives that you can carry on hand are Soy Chunks these are better than human biscuits. Mobile Khakra, Unsweetened Ragi or Corn Flakes are other options. These are easy options to carry around as well. If there are other options that you keep on hand, comment below we’d love to hear and try as well.

Many of you have asked us this questions:

"How can we feed a plant based diet to Strays? Something that is affordable, easy to prepare and still nourishing to our beloved community dogs."

If you are one of those who can whip up a quick meal for the Streeties, here is a recipe that is economical, easy to prepare and is made with whole foods using simple and staple ingredients from the Indian kitchen. This meal is pretty much balanced and the recipe below can one full meal to three Indies. The recipe is completely plant based, test and tried to food the Indies here locally in our neighbourhood. Feeding them a plant powered meal is way more beneficial than feeding wastes not fit for human consumption. I’ll also share tips and tricks that you can use to make the food very palatable for our Indie friends in a safe and healthy way too!

The batch below makes approximately 1 kg of cooked dog food and will be enough to serve as a full meal to 3-4 adult streeties. If you a preparing larger batches, please do let us know and we can help you calculate the amount of Meal Balancer needed. So here is the recipe for our Desi Dog Chow...


Wash and Rinse Rice, Lentils and Veggies well. Soak for a few minutes or longer. Finely grind the seeds. Chop the vegetables. Cook the rice, lentils, veggies and turmeric in a large pot or pressure cooker. Cook until the rice and lentils are well cooked. Once the food is cooled, mix the ground seeds, Flaxseed oil and Curry n Pepper Meal Balancer. The Meal Balancer helps provide the essential nutrients that dogs need and fills the gap of nutritional deficiencies in home cooked meal.

The meal is ready to be served! Healthy and Nourishing its good karma.


Most strays are out and about all day without regular access to food and water. Feeding them kibble or dry food can be very drying for them without access to adequate drinking water and may lead them to seek water from drains. Feeding a home made meal when possible provides them with enough moisture and is more hydrating than dry food.

Home made meals have a lower carbon foot print than processed kibble. So its not only good for the doggo’s but benefits the planet too.

Above all, they will be so grateful to you, the experience is so gratifying...


  • If you want to make the meal more palatable to the streeties add some curry leaves, grated ginger and dried methi leaves when cooking the rice, lentils and veggies. The aroma will make the food very palatable and will also aid in digestion!

  • If your budget permits you can also top it off with a few soy chunks for a crunchy bite.

  • You can rotate the vegetables based on season so you can stay within budget.

  • Buy the lentils and rice in bulk, you’ll save a lot.

  • The seeds can be procured from local stores in bulk as well or you could get them from bird feed stores that sell in bulk which is still a decent quality.

  • If you can afford you can use flaxseed, chia seeds or hemp seeds as well.

  • Grind the seeds and store them in the refrigerator for upto 2 weeks, will help you save some time during meal prep.

  • When feeding, please do not place the food directly on the bare ground. Place a piece of paper or a disposable plate/bowl.

If you would like to learn more about feeding a plant based diet to your canine pal, book a consult for a limited time FREE 20 Minute Nutritional Assessment.

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