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3 Ways to Add Positive Life Energy (Prana) in your Dog’s Bowl!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

As humans, we are faithfully being reminded by doctors, media, family and friends about the importance of eating healthy. From weight, body function, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing, the foods we eat play a huge role in our health and wellness. One approach widely recognized as promoting health and wellness through food is the ancient practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda focuses on the mind-body approach to health and wellbeing with nutrition as a core function. To create mind-body health, an Ayurvedic diet revolves around adding Life Energy (Prana) into our diets by eating colorful, nourishing and nutrient packed foods based on one’s Dosha.

Seeing the incredible effects of an Ayurveda diet on humans we can’t help but ask; why not use this approach to increase the mind-body health of our furry friends? Like humans, our beloved dogs thrive when given the proper nutrient and emotional care they need. Ayurveda for dogs is an easy and optimal approach to health and wellness.

1. Harness the Power of the Plants

As we all know, living in fast-paced stressful life, we tend to grab and eat food products which are highly processed, genetically modified, filled with artificial preservatives, synthetic chemicals, coloring agents known to be carcinogens, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Eating these foods lacks bioavailability, nourishment and Life Energy.

Ayurveda promotes the power of plants and using food as medicine. Benefits of the plant-based Ayurveda diet are wholistic. From physical to mental health, adopting these eating habits can have positive effects on your body and mind. Here are a few Ayurveda facts to get you started.

  • Ayurveda encourages eating unique foods to match an individual’s physiology

  • Ayurveda follows a sattvic, life supporting routine (foods that promote life energy like plant powered fruits and vegetables)

  • Ayurveda enhancing digestion, post-digestion with results that lead to happier, healthier and more vital being.

2. Feed Mindfully

Adding fresh whole foods to your dog’s diet is crucial to their mind-body health. The fresher the fruits and vegetables, the higher the Life Energy. These organic, seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables are call Intelligent Foods.

Sadly, most of us have grown accustomed to feeding our pets Unintelligent Food. These processed, extruded and canned “dead” foods have very little Life Energy and can be potentially harmful to our dogs. The dog food most of us are familiar with, dry commercial extruded kibble created from leftovers, have been linked to allergies, digestive issues and mental cloudiness in our pets. It’s time to make a change!

Ayurveda for Dogs Intelligent Foods

Ayurveda for Dogs Unintelligent Foods

Locally Harvested



Non Organic

Natural Preservatives

Artificial Preservatives



And remember to serve a bowl food with love in your heart and positive energy! The energy you radiate to serve a meal is the important ingredient. That is why at Curry n Pepper, we take a great amount of care and pour hearts into each bowl.

3. Nourish based on Seasons

Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are the three major influences upon every living being that governs the bodily functions. When a Dosha is out of balance it can lead to lack of energy, discomfort or disease. Dosha’s can change from season to season and it’s important to alter your pet’s diet to fit their needs throughout the year.

Most generally you will find that Dosha dominance tends to be consistent with a specific season. Kapha is dominant in Winter and Spring, Vata in Fall and Winter and Pitta in the Summer.

Seasonal, Organic and Straight to Your Door

Buying seasonal, locally sourced organic foods is relevant for both human and pet. Curry n Pepper Meal Balancer allows you to create a seasonally appropriate diet. Rotate between the organic ingredients based on seasonal Dosha assessments. Take this Dosha Quiz seasonally to ensure your pet is eating the correct balancing foods.

Clean, plant powered holistic meals based on your dog's mind-body type. Try Curry n Pepper Meal Balancer Today!

Each purchase supports Yazhini's Love and Rescue Plant Powered Animal Rescue in Chennai (@susheelayazhini). A portion of the profit from each sales is donated to this amazing plant based rescue organization run by Susheela Yazhini. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome community animals. So fill your dog's bowl with soulful life energy!

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