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WEBINAR REPLAY: Can Dogs Thrive on Plant Based Diets?

Jan 7, 2023 11:30 am IST




75 Minutes

About the Course

Have you wondered if dogs need to be feed like wolves or if they are Carnivores or Omnivores? Or if a plant based diet is appropriate for dogs? In this 60 minute webinar you'll find answers to these questions and learn more about if a plant based diet is appropriate for your canine pals based on scientific evidence.

Your Instructor

Hetal Sheth

Hetal Sheth

Hetal Sheth is a Silicon Valley techie turned animal advocate. Since founding her company, Curry n Pepper in California. She also was key to launching the Curry n Pepper Brand in India through H and N.

Hetal has been on a mission to create more happy and healthy dogs by increasing access to Plant Based Ayurvedic resources. She reminds us that our pets have a spiritual path and deserve attention at the levels of mind, body, and spirit. She practices Ayurveda for Dogs, Flower Therapy and Gemmotherapy for animals.

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