During this 60 minute session we will create a roadmap to safely transistion your dog to a plant based diet for optimal health and vitality.


Your dog will tranistion to a plant based diet over a 4 week period. We will provide you with recipes or meal options to create a fully balanced vegan meal plan for your pooch. Each recipe/meal option is customized to your dog's unique dosha to create balance.


15 Minute weekly follow-ups are included to track progress during the transition.


Once your order is processed you will receive an email, within 24-48hrs, with additional information to schedule your appointment.


What is included:

 * 60 minutes video or in person session

 * Vegan balanced meal recipes and feeding guidelines

 * Discuss Supplements

 * 15 minute weekly follow-up sessions for 4 weeks

CONSULTATION: Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet