45 minutes of Private Session Time to provide guidance on creating a dosha (Mind Body Type) specific meal for your dog. 


A 15 minute follow-up session after one week from initial consultation.


During this 45 minute session (conducted via a user-friendly online meeting platform, or telephone), you and Curry n Pepper Ayurvedic specialist will explore your goals in addressing your dog’s primary challenge. We'll help you create an optimal nutrition plan for you pet by removing the guess work of what foods and herbs to add to balance your pet's dosha. 


What is included in this session?

  • 45 minutes video or in person session
  • Discuss current feeding routine + goals for customization
  • A custom recipe *
  • Discuss Supplements to create a dosha balancing meal
  • 15 minute follow-up session


* Each recipe is created in collaboration with a holistic veterinarian.


Once your order is processed you will receive an email, within 24-48hrs, with additional information to schedule your appointment.


Note: This session is not suited for meal customization for an advanced medical condition/disease; this is better to be guided by a holistic veterinarian

CONSULTATION-Meal Customization