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Understanding PITTA Dosha

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

PITTA combines the qualities of fire and water. Pitta governs transformation of energy, i.e. metabolism.

PITTA Personality

Pitta dogs have a handsome personality and are generally the pack leaders. They are strong, fearless and can get along with cats easily.


Intelligent, emotional, persistent, focussed and energetic.


Pitta dogs have strong, athletic body with medium weight. they show a medium prominence of bones, veins and muscle tendons. The fur is soft and warm. The claws are soft.

Pitta (Fire) resides in the stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, pancreas, blood and eyes. Pitta provides heat and energy to the body through the breakdown of food molecules. It governs all the processes associated with transformation like digestion, metabolism, feelings and mental perception.

PITTA In Balance

Balanced Pitta dogs are blessed with happy disposition, sharp intellect, courage and strong drive to learn.

PITTA Out of Balance

The happy Pitta mind can quickly turn into a angry dog when Pitta is out of balance. Pitta imbalance in the body can manifest as infection, inflammation, rashes, ulcers, heartburn and fever.


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